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Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island

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Small Claims

Small Claims Rule 74

  • 1A    General Heading
  • 4A    Consent to Act as Plaintiff's Litigation Guardian
  • 4B    Consent to Act as Defendant's Litigation Guardian
  • 5A    Notice to Alleged Partner
  • 7A    Plaintiff's Claim
  • 8A    Certificate of Service -- Sheriff or Sheriff's Officer
  • 8B    Affidavit of Service
  • 9A    Defence
  • 9B    Request for a Hearing (Dispute of Proposal of Terms of Payment)
  • 9C    Order as to Terms of Payment
  • 10A    Defendant's Claim
  • 11A    Affidavit of Jurisdiction
  • 11B    Notice of Default Judgment
  • 11C    Request for Prothonotary's Order
  • 11D    Consent of Prothonotary's Order
  • 13A    List of Proposed Witnesses
  • 13B    Consent
  • 14A    Terms of Settlement
  • 15A    Notice of Motion
  • 15B    Affidavit
  • 16A    Notice of Trial
  • 18A    Summons to Witness
  • 18B    Warrant for Arrest of Defaulting Witness
  • 20A    Certificate of Judgment
  • 20B    Writ of Delivery
  • 20C    Writ of Seizure and Sale of Personal Property
  • 20D    Writ of Seizure and Sale of Land
  • 20E    Notice of Garnishment
  • 20F    Garnishee's Statement
  • 20G    Notice to Co-owner of Debt
  • 20H    Notice of Examination
  • 20I    Financial Information Form
  • 20J    Affidavit for Enforcement Request
  • 20K    Notice of Garnishment Hearing
  • 20L    Notice of Contempt Hearing
  • 20M    Warrant of Committal

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